The 2009 International Conference

Conference Themes: 

I. Conceptual Referential

-      Sustainable development: Theory and Criticism

-      Concept of Food Security

-      Concept of Sustainable Agriculture

-      Food Security, Human Rights and Justice

-      Food security, quality and sovereignty 

-      Food Security and energy crisis

-      Climate change and energy crisis as threats to global security

-      Impact of climate change and energy shortage on agricultural development

-      Sustainable agriculture and corporate social responsibility

II. Agriculture and World Trade

-      World trade in food and agricultural products

-      Food and agricultural policies in the context of trade liberalization

-      Regulatory framework governing international policies and trade in agricultural products

-      Food insecurity and global fight against poverty

-      Funding of national and international programs for sustainable rural development and food security

III. Rural Development and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

-      Sustainable management of water and air resources

-      Preservation of land resources

-      Diversification of renewable energy resources

-      Dynamism of rural areas

-      Biodiversity, Agriculture and Food security

IV. Sustainable Rural Development, Food Security and Governance

-      Sustainable agriculture and global/local governance

-      Global governance of food security

-      Food security and sustainable agriculture: State of science and technology

-      Sustainable rural development and participatory approach

-      Public-public and public-private partnership for global food security

-      South-South and North-South partnership

V. Promotion of World Food Security

-      State of food security and sustainable development across the world

-      Key requirements of food security and sustainability

-      Food security indicators

-      Sustainable agricultural development as a strategic choice for food security

-      Food insecurity and collective security

-      Required Infrastructure to develop agricultural production/trade and food security

-      Dependence of strategic food products to global market

-      Sustainable agriculture and global market mechanisms

-      Responsible Consumption

VI. Promotion of Sustainable Rural Development

-      Land Systems and Sustainable Agriculture

-      Research and technology in sustainable agriculture

-      Preservation of rural expertise and know-how

-      Agricultural productivity and agricultural and rural sustainability

-      Human resources for sustainable rural development

-      Environmental and Social impact assessment of rural development programs

-      Gender dimensions of agricultural and rural employment

VII. Main Areas of Rural Development Policies

-      Socio-spatial integration

-      Integration into agriculture of non-agricultural activities

-      Improvement of integration between agricultural, industrial and service sectors

-      Promotion of sustainable tourism

-      Prevention of forced economic and ecological migration

VIII. Future Research Agenda related to the Conference Themes 

-  Developing Relevant and Validated Indicators of Sustainable Development, Rural Development, Agricultural Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Socio-spatial Integration.

-    Identifying Best Practices for Synthesizing Findings of Assessments on Climate Change, the Energy Crisis and Food Security for Use in Formulating and Implementing Policies, Decisions and Management Actions on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development.

-   Measuring the performance of management actions through expected and measurable outcomes for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development.

-   Assuring the effectiveness of communicating knowledge from syntheses (that is, integrated assessments) to a variety of attentive audiences (that is, scientific; policy, rulemaking and management; and lay audiences).

-  Investigating social science approaches for participatory decision-making (since decisions are made at all geospatial levels [that is, global, regional, national, state and provincial, local, and individual).

-     Suggestions on Other Future Research Agenda Items Are Welcome